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Featuring the Award Winning single “Mary Mary” and the haunting sparse title track “Beautiful Blues”  the 5 Track EP by The Amanda Emblem Experiment is out now on Wild Weather Records. 

The songs reveal honesty and emotions of an accomplished songwriter who’s observations of the world are integral to her being.  The short journey from start to finish is intellectually and artistically stimulating, worthy of analysis as a statement about the world we live in today, it’s challenges and its imperfections.



1. Beautiful Blues is a moving, somewhat sad song, and as the title suggests, highlights the beauty and romance of sorrow and loss. It is sparse (just one vocal and one acoustic guitar) and elegant in its delivery, a great example of the term “Less is More”.  


2. Mary Mary is an Americana style acoustic rock ballad, reminiscent of Led Zeppelin. Its ebb and flow make for a great journey, and the subject matter revolving around memories and experiences by the River (in this case the River Mary, in Queensland’s Mary Valley).


3. Revolution is on its Way takes the listener to a darker place. This haunting track is driven by an industrial menacing bass line which was composed whilst Amanda travelled overseas, experiencing the movement of displaced people through Europe, in particular , Croatia, Serbia and Hungary, places still healing from their own recent and violent battlefields of war.  


4. The Detail is an atmospheric and serious song that could belong on a thriller movie soundtrack. Its subject matter will appeal to those of us who are  into conspiracy theories, or suspicious about the motivations of Big Pharma. The song is a warning, highlighting that the truth is hidden so that greed and corruption can continue in front of our very eyes.


5. Dirty Town is about endurance and escape from a negative place, and what better way to do so than by train. Driven by drums and acoustic guitars, and reminiscent of PJ Harvey in the late 90’s this alternative indie track completes the EP, highlighting the sweet melody of Amanda’s vocal stylings.


Akademia Artist of the Year in 2019, Amanda June Emblem lives in Queensland, Australia, residing with her partner on 1000 acres neighbouring forestry and rainforest bushland in The Mary Valley. She has been a songwriter for over 20 years, releasing over 7 albums and 4 EPs in her various guises. She performs with a variety of musicians, in her band and also a soloist.  

The last three songs of this EP were written and recorded from 2015 - 2017 while she fronted the band Diva Demolition. Her debut solo album “Who Is Amanda Emblem?” was released in May 2018. 

The Amanda Emblem Experiment  Beautiful Blues Biography November 2020

Amanda Emblem considers herself an empath who is a part of a larger collective. Paying little heed to frivolous things like money or trends, Emblem’s art is defined by larger than life concepts such as existential challenges, rejuvenation through melancholy, and acceptance of change. She is driven by a genuine passion for music which is the reason why she has not looked back since picking up her first instrument more than 20 years ago. 

Winning Akademia Artist of the Year 2019 and The Artist Vision Award in April 2020, (as Covid 19 restrictions put and end to her tour) gave Amanda pause to consider her recording career.  As a songwriter and storyteller at heart, she’s bringing awareness, hope, and change for the better to a world where we all could use the daily reminder to stay positive and focus on the good things. 

It is this passion for music and a truly driven attitude which has led Amanda Emblem to perform in places people can hardly imagine – Afghanistan, Iraq, and Solomon Islands to name a few. Throughout her career she has performed with numerous artists such as Australian “Eagle Rock” frontman Ross Wilson and Blues legend Matt Taylor. She does not only write and sing her songs, she also plays acoustic and electric guitars, bass and harmonica. Her recent single “Mary Mary” received airplay on ABC Radio as well as Australian community radio, racking up over 20,000 streams on Spotify so far.

Amanda Emblem’s work is influenced by Led Zeppelin and ACDC. During her teenage years, she was drawn towards both the sheer melodic beauty of Led Zeppelin’s ambient chord structures and their statements of hard hitting rock riffs. The impact of their music reverberates through Amanda’s music till today, and is most tangible in her latest release “Mary Mary”. 

Her relationship with ACDC is slightly different. Her latest release is not similar to what ACDC sounds like, but her personality is strongly impacted by their attitude and simplicity.  She draws both motivation and inspiration from the Australian groups longevity, believing that, like ACDC, she is capable of doing what she loves most without being inhibited by trends.

Amanda’s forthcoming EP “Beautiful Blues” features an overarching theme of challenges and resilience. It documents her personal journey through difficult times and reflect on the world’s resilience at the same time. The song “Beautiful Blues” acknowledges pain and suffering while “Mary Mary” is about peace and tranquility. Song “The Revolution is on its Way” captures the plight of refugees and petitions for an end to cruelty and injustice. 

Amanda June Emblem is a singer, songwriter, musician, and performer. She has performed for Australian troops in warzones, sung in countries across Europe, and has travelled the world over while pursuing her passion for music. Her music is visceral and her art beautiful. 

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